Apresentação realizada em 29/07/2017 na 72ª Reunião Presencial da Comunidade NetPonto em Lisboa.

Add Cognitive Intelligence to your Code – NLP on top of Microsoft Cognitive Services

Por Marco Antonio Silva [MSFT]

One of the key subject that everyone is talking about is AI and how you must include it in your business. The truth is, today it’s really easy to have a more intelligent app or service without having to know a lot about AI. On that note I’ll be showing you the Microsoft Cognitive Services Portfolio Hand-on. The focus of this talk will be around Natural Language Processing (meaning Text To Speech, Speech to Text and Natural Language Understanding). The goal will be to program a voice interactive assistant that could run on any device that is internet connected and has a Microphone and a Speaker, I’ll be using a Raspberry pi for this. Come learn how easy it is to build this scenario and have an overview of the remaining services made available from Microsoft Cognitive Services portfolio.

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